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Micro-Credential Course


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   Approx. 20 hours to complete
About this Module

What you will learn
This MOOC is recommended as a first step to learn dental occlusion. As the fundamental course in the occlusion series, you will learn the timeless message that simple to advanced dentistry must begin with a thorough understanding of dental occlusion and the functions of the stomatognathic system. Besides, a comprehensive understanding of how the TMJ, muscles, and dentition/ periodontium are designed to function in harmony with one another. There are 6 lessons in the course: 1. The stomatognathic system 2. Basic mandibular movements 3. Fundamental concept of occlusion 4. Articulator and facebow 5. Occlusion in removable, fixed and implant prosthodontics 6. Managing common occlusal problems

What skills you will gain
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Total contents and assessments

Module Details

LENGTH : days
EFFORT : 1 hour per week. hours per weeks
LEVEL : Intermediate
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : Free

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- The stomatognathic system
- Muscle of mastication: temporalis
- Muscle of mastication: lateral pterygoid
- Muscle of mastication: medial pterygoid
- Muscle of mastication: masseter

- Basic mandibular movements (Part 1)
- Basic mandibular movements (Part 2)
- Basic mandibular movements (Part 3)

- Fundamental concept of occlusion (Part 1)
- Fundamental concept of occlusion (Part 2)
- Fundamental concept of occlusion (Part 3)

- Articulator
- Facebow

- Occlusion in fixed and removable prosthodontics I
- Occlusion in fixed and removable prosthodontics II
- Occlusion in implant dentistry

- Occlusal problems
- Splint and equilibration


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