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Micro-Credential Course


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   Approx. 20 hours to complete
About this Module

What you will learn
If you want to learn how to treat simple to moderate cases of malocclusion using removable orthodontic appliances, you have landed in the right place. This MOOC is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge needed to treat patients using removable orthodontic appliances. You will learn their mode of action, their basic components, and the malocclusion cases suitable to be treated with removable orthodontic appliances. In this MOOC, a series of detailed demonstrations will guide you through the fabrication and issue of removable appliances to achieve the desired treatment goals. A variety of clinical cases, case summaries and appliance designs are also delivered to you in this MOOC. Learning engagement: The goal of this course is to provide students with open access interactive courses in Orthodontic Removable Appliances (ORA) using a variety of formats where lectures, practical videos, assessments, and other learning activities are offered. The learning activities in this course are divided into 6 modules.

What skills you will gain
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Total contents and assessments

Module Details

LENGTH : days
EFFORT : 2 HOURS PER WEEK hours per weeks
LEVEL : Intermediate
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : Free

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• General components of orthodontic ORA
• Mode of action of ORA
• Feasibility and limitations of ORA
• Teaching video: Introduction to ORA

• Z Spring (Double cantilever spring)
• T spring
• Finger Spring (Single cantilever spring)
• Coffin Spring
• Buccal Canine Retractor (BCR)
• Roberts Retractor
• Teaching videos: Fabrication and activation of active components

• Adams Clasp
• Labial bow
• Southend clasp
• Ball ended clasp
• Teaching video: Fabrication and activation of retentive components

• Anterior bite plane
• Posterior bite plane
• Inclined bite plane
• Teaching video: Fabrication technique of anterior bite plane

• Fabrication of Removable Appliances
• Issue of removable appliance
• Instructions to patients
• Teaching video: Fabrication and issue of ORA

• Clinical cases presentations
• Design and prescription of ORA
• Clinical outcomes
• Teaching video: Treatment planning


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