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Micro-Credential Course


6 students enrolled

   Approx. 20 hours to complete
About this Module

What you will learn
The course introduces the basic concepts of optical fiber, optical waveguides, optical cables, optical sources, couplers and photodetectors. It describes the power link budget, multiplexing, networking and fiber loops. Optical test equipment and different measurement in optical fiber link will be discussed.

What skills you will gain
Theory on fiber optic communication systems, Skills of handling the fiber optic equipment, Skill on handling the fiber optic fusion splicing machine

Total contents and assessments
Consist of video lecture for every module or topic, contents such as Lecturer Notes and also some activities and assessment for students.

Module Details

LENGTH : 40 days
EFFORT : 3 hours per weeks
LEVEL : Intermediate
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : Free

Associated Course (s) :
No Course

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Part 1.1: Properties of Light and Optical Laws
1.1.1. Optical Properties
1.1.2. Snell’s Law
1.1.3. Critical Angle
1.1.4. Numerical Aperture (NA) and Acceptance Angle
1.1.5. Total Internal Reflection

2.1 Measurement Standards and Test Procedures
2.1.1 Fiber Optic Standards
2.1.2 Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTP)

In this topic, the student will be able to learn about the theoretical process of fusion splicing machines (how it works)

3.1 steps and procedure on how to handle fusion splicing machine