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Micro-Credential Course


83 students enrolled

   Approx. 20 hours to complete
About this Module

What you will learn
This course will define, describe and analyze important concepts in social security pensions and how they operate. Social security has a powerful impact at all levels of society. It provides workers and their families with access to health care and with protection against loss of income, whether it is for short periods of unemployment or sickness or maternity or for a longer time due to invalidity or employment injury. It provides older people with income security in their retirement years. Children benefit from social security programmes designed to help their families cope with the cost of education. For employers and enterprises, social security helps maintain stable labour relations and a productive workforce. And social security can contribute to social cohesion and to a country’s overall growth and development by bolstering living standards, cushioning the effects of structural and technological change on people and thereby providing the basis for a more positive approach toward globalization.

What skills you will gain
Understanding of Social Security

Total contents and assessments
3 Videos, 1 Assessment

Module Details

LENGTH : 4 days
EFFORT : 1 hours per weeks
LEVEL : Beginner
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : Free

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