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Micro-Credential Course


121 students enrolled

   Approx. 20 hours to complete
About this Module

What you will learn
This module exposes learners to simple and interesting strategies for presenting their comments for a movie. Giving comments is a good way in improving learners' communication skills because they can practice using the language easily and comfortably by expressing their thoughts on the movie that they have watched. Three important and interesting elements in movies will be shared that could help learners to get ideas in making comments on a movie. The notes are simple and the activities could encourage active participation and promote self-confidence in delivering learners' opinions in the English language. Furthermore, they will learn to justify their comments based on their analysis of the elements in the movie. This could help them to enhance their analytical thinking skills. Hence, at the end of the module, learners are expected to enhance both their communication skills and also analytical thinking skills through an interesting way of learning. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/VB9aTO7hSfA

What skills you will gain
English Communication Skills, Analytical Thinking Skills

Total contents and assessments
3 Teaching Videos, 3 Learning Activities, 2 Quizzes (Formative Assessments), 1 Final Presentation (Summative Assessment)

Module Details

LENGTH : 30 days
EFFORT : 2 hours per weeks
LEVEL : Beginner
LANGUAGE : English
PRICE : Free

Associated Course (s) :
No Course

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The areas to be covered are:
1) Types of characters in a movie
2) The traits of the characters
3) Making comments on a character

The areas to be covered are:
1) Definition of a conflict in a movie
2) Types of conflicts in a movie
3) How to comment on a conflict in a movie

The areas to be covered are:
1) What is a plot?
2) Types of plots in a movie
3) How to comment on a plot in a movie