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Course Information

About this Course

Static is a subdivision of mechanics and deals with bodies at rest. Course includes mechanics of particles and rigid bodies, section properties, virtual work, analysis of trusses, cables and beams.

Course Syllabus

Statics of Particles
Fundamental concepts and principles; System of units; Forces in a plane; forces in space

Equivalent systems of forces
Equivalent systems of forces
Vector algebra; System of equivalent forces for rigid bodies; Moment and couple; Reduction of systems of forces

Equilibrium of rigid bodies
Equilibrium in two and three dimensions; Analysis of trusses by method of joints and method of sections

Section Properties
Centroid and center of gravity of areas; Moment of inertia; Parallel axis theorem; Radius of gyration of area/mass

Coefficients of friction, angles of friction

Analysis of Cables
Analysis of cables subjected to concentrated and uniformly distributed load

Analysis of Beams
Internal forces in members; Shear and bending moment diagrams for simply supported beam; Influence line for statically determinate beams

Analysis of deformation in statically determinate beams by moment area method

Virtual work
Work of a force; Principle of virtual work; Potential energy and equilibrium; Stability of equilibrium

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What is the pre requisite of this course
A1 : NO pre requisite for this course