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Course Information

About this Course

The course introduces hydrological cycle and concept of water budget. Precipitation, evaporation and infiltration processes are discussed that include measurements and analysis. Stream flow measurements, stage-discharge, rainfall-runoff relationships and hydrograph analysis are explained. Rational method, flood routing and the use of probability and statistical method in hydrologic analysis are presented. Applications of hydrology principles in urban stormwater design using procedures outlined in Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia (MSMA) are discussed. The course concludes with an introduction to hydrologic modeling and simulation.

Course Syllabus

Hydrological cycle, water budget equation, concept of hydrologic watershed, water resources in Malaysia

Types of precipitation, precipitation measurements, rain gauge network, data consistency, continuity and presentation, development of intensity-frequency-duration curve, depth-area-duration curve, probable-maximum-precipitation. Followed by probability approaches from precipitation for runoff determination that includes plotting positions, Gumbel, Pearson distributions and concept of risk and reliability.

Evaporation and Infiltration
Evaporation process and measurement, evaporation equation, evapotranspiration and its measurement, interception, initial losses and depression storage, infiltration process and measurement, infiltration capacity, infiltration index

Streamflow Measurement and Analysis
Measurement of stage and velocity, apparatus, velocity-area method, dilution method, stage-discharge relationship, extrapolation of rating curve.

Surface Runoff and Hydrograph Analysis
Rainfall-runoff relationship, storm hydrograph and annual hydrograph, components of hydrograph, groundwater recession, separation techniques, unit hydrograph development, derivation of unit hydrograph, S-Hydrograph and Lagging methods, synthetic unit hydrograph, Snyder method, SCS method, rational method for small watershed hydrology.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Routing
Hydrologic river routing using Muskingum method, reservoir routing by storage indication method; hydrologic watershed routing. Concept of attenuation and lag.

Surface water estimation and Flood Forecast
Concept of hydrology watershed, methods of forecasting

Applications of Hydrology
Hydrological procedures using Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia (MSMA), urban stormwater design. Introduction to hydrologic modeling and simulation.

Rainfall-runoff modeling
Streamflow measurement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What is the different between hydrology and hydraulic
A1 : Hydrology is about the water itself where it comes from where it goes However hydraulic is the structure to convey and store water