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Course Information

About this Course

In a digital world, no organization can achieve results without incorporating technology into every aspect of its everyday practices. It’s time for schools to maximize the impact of technology as well. This course will guide you on how to incorporate technology in your teaching then guide you on how to develop lesson using technology. It so simple as I will guide you step by step! Let's create better world for our new generation of students!

Course Syllabus

Introduction: Computer System and Application Software
- Computer system
(input, output, storage and system unit)
- Application software
- Operating Systems and Utility

Introduction to Window (Graphical User Interface)
- The Desktop
- The Taskbar
- Windows and Icons
- User Interface
- Menu, button, dialogue boxes

Word Processing
- Introduction to word processing application
- General features of word processing
- Editing Features
- Formatting Function
- Tools (Spell check, grammar check, zoom, control, show/hide)
- Desktop publishing (ClipArt, WordArt, picture, bullets)
- Automatic referencing (Cross referencing, insert captions, table of content, create index)

Power Point for Effective Presentation
- Introduction to presentation application
- Create a Presentation with using Wizard
- Quick Presentation on Wizard with a Blank Publication
- Create Presentation Based on a Template
- Classroom Lesson Plans

- Introduction to spreadsheet application
- Creating a New Workbook /
- Entering Data
- Editing Data
- Working with Worksheets
- The Formulas

- Networking Systems
- The Development of the Internet
- Integrate the Internet into the Classroom
- The World Wide Web
- Distance Learning and Internet-Related Issues

Systems and Tools
- Type of Websites
- Web Portals
- Educational Portals
- Evaluating a Portal
- Educational Software and Hardware
- Managing IT Classroom

Issues Related to Computers in Education
-Software piracy
-Unequal Access
-Health risks

Future Trends
- E-books
- Artificial Intelligence
- Virtual Reality
- Web Learning
- E-Learning
- Implication for Education Copyrights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : what can you expect from this subject
A1 : This subject will be able to expose to you with the current technology