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Course Information

About this Course

The course aims to introduce the technology of food packaging. The functions of packaging, levels of packaging and food-environment-package interactions of the packaging materials will be explained. The manufacturing of packaging materials, their characteristics and properties as well as their advantages and disadvantages will be included. Selected topics for food packaging applications of fresh and processed food products will be covered. The course will also cover some of the new trends/innovations in food packaging technology and packaging systems.

Course Syllabus

1.1 Definitions and functions of packaging
1.2 Levels of packaging
1.3 Food-package-environment interactions

Paper and paperboard packaging materials
2.1 Manufacturing of paper
2.2 Types of papers and their properties
2.3 Advantages and disadvantages of paper and paperboard

Metal packaging materials
3.1 Manufacturing of steel
3.2 Manufacturing of aluminium
3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of metal cans
3.4 Fabrications of can
3.5 Corrosion of metal can
3.5.1 Factors affecting corrosion: Food, processing, environment

Glass packaging materials
4.1 Composition and properties of glass
4.2 Manufacturing of glass containers
4.3 Closures for glass containers
4.4 Advantages and disadvantages of glass containers

Plastic materials for food packaging
5.1 Manufacturing of plastic
5.2 Plastic properties - thermoplastics and thermoset
5.3 Types of plastics
5.4 Advantages and disadvantages of plastic food packaging materials
5.5 Laminates
5.5.1 Importance of lamination
5.5.2 Type of lamination techniques
5.5.3 Uses of laminates in food packaging

Aseptic packaging
6.1 Package sterilisation techniques
6.2 Aseptic packaging systems

Packaging requirements for selected food products
7.1 Meat and meat products
7.2 Snacks and breakfast cereals
7.3 Beverages
7.4 Milk and milk products

New trends/innovations in food packaging
8.1 Active and intelligent packaging
8.2 Biodegradable packaging
8.3 Nanopackaging technology
8.4 Antimicroial, antioxidants, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Who should register for the course
A1 : Students AS246 and AS746