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Course Information

About this Course

The course will emphasize on the food quality elements and the latest trends in the industry to assess food quality. Additionally, it provides students the ability to understand and analyze the quality assessment of advanced food quality. Quality standards such as total quality menagement, Hazard analysis critical control point, Halal and international organizations of standards will be deliberated and discussed in this course. Under this course, there are FOUR instructors which are Prof Madya Dr Chemah Tamby Chik Ts Dr Sabaianah Bachok Dr Zurena Shahril Ts Noradzhar Baba Our detail contact and profiles can be seen in the Course Content

Course Syllabus

General introduction
Definition of Quality and Quality Control, Assurance and Management

Consumer and Food Professionals? view of Food Hazards
- Basic Food Safety
- Natural vs Synthetic
- Toxins
- Allergens

Method of Analysis
- Officials methods of analysis in Food Industry
- References and standard methods of chemical and microbiological analysis
- Collaborative testing methods

Total Quality Management (TQM)
- Concept
- Principles of TQM and ISO 9000
- TQM Tools
- Integrated Quality Business Plan

Quality Assurance
- Theories and Application
- Functions of Quality Assurance Program
- Quality assurance responsibilities and operational interactions
- Quality assurance audits

Statistical methods of quality control
- Statistical tools
- Strategies for Process Control Improvement
- Single factor experiments s Randomized complete block design
- Quality control techniques

Food Plant Sanitation: Good Manufacturing Practice Audits
- Food contamination
- Planned Sanitation Program
- Food Plant Sanitation Management

Product quality audits at the Retail level
- Definition
- Planning
- Testing
- Product quality audits
- Food Product recalls

- Microbiological concerns and problem with microbiological testing
- Considerations for HACCP
- Basic principles
- Implementation and Maintenance of HACCP

Malaysian Food Regulations
- Food, drug, cosmetics and therapeutic
- Good Manufacturing Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : When is this course offered
A1 : The course is available all year round however semester always begins in Mac or September each year

Q2 : Is there any pre requirement for this course
A2 : NO

Q3 : If i am a graduate from food technology food science program can i join this course
A3 : YES you can

Q4 : If i am a graduate from business management program can i join this course
A4 : YES this course is suitable to support the management of food processing and food manufacturing sector