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Course Information

About this Course

This introductory course provides student with the scope and complexity of the hospitality industry by exploring the relationships of lodging, tourism, food and beverage, culinary arts and other sub industries. It introduces key hospitality management definitions and the opportunity available to achieve a successful hospitality career. It encompasses the study of organization, functions, operations and management of the hospitality industry, safety, security and environmental practices.

Course Syllabus

Overview of the Hospitality Industry
The Scope of the Hospitality Industry
The Mission and Product of Hospitality
Pursuing Opportunities in Hospitality

Travel and Tourism: Partners in Hospitality
The Relationship of Hospitality to Travel and Tourism
Marketing and Promoting Tourism and Travel
The Effects of Hospitality, Tourism and Travel
Classification of Tourism

Accommodation and Food Service
Classifying Lodging Properties
Restaurant Classification
Process of Hotel Development and Design
The Relationship of Market, Menu and Concept
Marketing of Accommodation and Food Service
Types of Lodging Ownership
Restaurant Ownership

MICE, Recreation and Gaming Entertainment
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Expositions/Events
Recreation, Theme Park and Clubs
Gaming Entertainment

Safety, Security and the Environment
Safety standards as they relate to the hospitality and tourism industry
Outline security procedures
Risk Management
Identify industry regulatory agencies/organizations
Describe the latest conservation and sanitation practices

Globalization and the Future of Hospitality
Demographic and Socioeconomic Trends
Technological Innovations
Government Regulation and the Hospitality Industry

Employability and Career Development
Hospitality and tourism management competencies
Analyze methods of dealing with various workplace related issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What is hospitality industry
A1 : Hospitality industry is comprising businesses that serve guests away from home It can be defined by its scope mission and providers