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Course Information

About this Course

This course introduces the concepts of Islam and tourism to further enhance greater understanding of tourism businesses from the Islamic perspectives. The students will be given the basic knowledge of the Islamic civilization, Islamic world, Islamic travel, Islamic law and tourism, and how to design and develop travel businesses targeted to the Global Islamic market

Course Syllabus

Introduction: Islam and Tourism
1.1 Basic concepts and definitions of Islamic Tourism
1.2 Tourism and Islamic Shariah
1.2.1 The concept of Islamic Shariah
1.2.2 Islamic Management: Maqasid Al Shariah in the Management Strategy in Tourism
1.2.3 Moderation and Balance in Islam (Wassatiyah)
1.3 Components of the Tourism industry

Islamic World and Civilization
2.1 The Rise of Islam in the World
2.2 The Emergence of Islamic World System
2.3 The Islamic World in the Age of European Expansion
2.4 The Islamic World in the Era of Western Domination 1800
to Present

The Muslim Societies
1.1 The Economy in Muslim Societies
1.2 The Ordering of Muslim societies
1.3 Knowledge, its transmission and the Making of Muslim
1.4 Artistic Expression of Muslim Societies

Travel and Tourism Experiences
4.1 Demand by Muslim tourists
4.2 Halal Food and Tourism: Prospects and Challenges
4.3 Islamic Standards in Hotels
4.4 Islamic Heritage and Culture
4.5 Islamic Tour and Packages
4.6 Ecological and Environmental in Islamic Legacy

Islamic Tourism Marketing
5.1 Definition of Islamic Marketing
5.2 Strategic Islamic Marketing
5.3 Islamic Marketing Mix
5.4 Muslim and Non Muslim Market

The Global Halal Market: Creating New Economy
and New Wealth
6.1 The Global Halal Market: Creating New Economy
and New Wealth

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Can I download the materials
A1 : Yes all materials are public and can be downloaded for learning purpose