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Course Information

About this Course

This course is designed to equip students with an understanding of tourism destinations, and develop analysis on the role of the destinations within the broader tourism system. It will provide students with knowledge of the assessment, evaluation and appropriate methods/techniques on both changes occurring in tourist destination and the development and activity. Thus, it will encourage students to use analytical thinking in order to evaluate tourism destination according to current and future needs.

Course Syllabus

Overview of Issues and Approaches.
The dynamic of destination development.
Elements of tourist destinations.
Patterns and concepts of tourist destinations.
The tourism and tourism system.
Destination system/region.

Tourists? Destination Choices and Experiences.
Potential and existing.
Destination services.
Destination activities.
Types of tourism destinations, attractions and activities.
Global destination patterns : MDCs and LDCs.

Inventory, Analysis and Assessment
Tourism resources.
Destination resources.
Techniques and methods used in a destination area.
Pull factors influencing a destination

Policies for Destination Development.
Historical basis for destination development.
Rationales for the development of tourism.
Auditing destination resources.

Destination Development.
Destination life cycle - The Butler sequence.
Factors that change the destination life cycle.

Environmental Analysis.
Relationship between tourism and environment.
Environmental Impacts.

Economics Analysis.
Relationship between tourism and economic.
Economic Impacts.

Cultural Analysis.
Identifying and evaluating cultural resources and its potential.
Cultural Impacts.

Social Analysis.
Identifying and evaluating social elements in tourism.
Social Impacts.

Future Direction of Tourism and Destination.
Dimensions and issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Which level is this course for
A1 : This is a dynamic and versatile course whereby students can enter from Diploma up to PhD level