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Course Information

About this Course

The course focuses on the study of human behavior with regard to the environment. Basic understanding on the components of the human behavior such as perception, cognition and attitude is being introduced. Factors that affect the human behavior such as ambient, personal apace, territoriality, stress and etc. Is being discussed and in the later part specific type of spaces are being studied with regard to human behavior.

Course Syllabus

Course briefing
Overview of the course. Requirements and expectation.

Introduction to Environmental Psychology
Definition, objectives, overview of the development of Environmental Psychology.

Human Behavior
Looking at human behavior, factors influencing and affecting human behavior.

Perception, Cognition and Attitude
Definition, types of perception, factors affecting perception.

The Ambient Environment
Looking at how Ambient Environment is affecting human behavior.

Environmental Stress
Factors that contributes to human stress.

Personal Space and Territoriality
Human needs on privacy and sense of belonging.

Crowding and Privacy
Looking at how human react to crowding and isolation.

Links between Basic Human Needs and the Environment
Psychological needs and requirements within the environment.

Field Trip
Observation of human behavior with regard to environmental situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Do we need to participate in the online class at certain time of the week
A1 : No students can learn on their own flexible time Average of 2 hours per week is advisable to be allocated for this online class

Q2 : Do we need Interior Design background to join the course
A2 : No anyone with Interior Design or different background can join the course