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Course Information

About this Course

Have you always been interested in animal medicine, yet you are not a student from a veterinary school. If so, this course is for you! Enroll in this course to learn more about types of veterinary medicine and presentation of veterinary drugs! You will also be learning about animal welfare, as well as legal requirements for sales and supply of veterinary drugs. This course takes 6- 7 weeks to complete. The students will be assessed with quizzes and a written assignment (a simple business proposal) sent to Dr. John Shia at johnshia@gmail.com. Enjoy the course!

Course Syllabus

Business and financial aspects of veterinary pharmacy: The business plan.
- SWOT analysis
- Financial Analysis

Types of veterinary medicine and presentations
- Dose dan frequencies of administration
- The optimal routes for delivery
- The particular pharmaceutical forms to be used.
- Any public health or environmental implications and regulatory constraints.

Veterinary Vaccines
- Principles of vaccinations
- Types of vaccines
- Homeopathic nosodes
- Vaccination regimes
- Problems with vaccines

Control and use of veterinary medicine and factors affecting efficacy of veterinary drugs.
- Pharmagological
- Pathogenic
- Physiological

Animal Welfare Act 2015
- Interpretation
- Animal welfare board
- Licensing
- Matters related to animal welfare
- Cruelty to animals
- Animals in distress
- Powers relating to enforcement
- Ancillary power of the court

Student?s presentation 1: Alternative Therapy
- Advances in veterinary pharmacy
- Massage
- Osteopathy
- Radionics

Student?s presentation 2: Alternative Therapy
- Acupuncture
- Aromatherapy
- Chiropractic

Visit 1: Companion Animal Clinic
- Small animal medicine
- Common diseases and drugs

Visit 2: Selangor Turf Club
- Equine medicine
- Common diseases and drugs

Legal Requirement for the sales and supply of veterinary drugs in Malaysia.
- General sale list medicines.
- Pharmacy only medicines.
- Prescription-only medicines (POMs)
- Pharmacy and merchant medicines

Visit 3: Farm in the City (Exotic/Wildlife)
- Wildlife medicine
- Common diseases and drugs

Discussion on Business proposal
- Completing the business proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Do we need any veterinary background prior to registering this course
A1 : No Any animal enthusiast are welcome to enrol The fundamentals of veterinary pharmacy will be discussed in various modes including short videos lecture notes and also educational visits for in campus students