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Course Information

About this Course

The course introduces basic principles of building construction such as site preliminary works, types of building foundations, construction of basement tanking, types of door, window, staircase and technical drawings.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to technical drawings
Drawing instruments and materials used in building construction.
Scale drawings
Presentation procedures of technical drawings
Working drawings

Site works and preliminary building process
Site preparation - soil testing, ground water drainage
Trench timbering and sequence of building operation
Site layout and site planning
Excavation - application and mechanical equipments

Foundation and Basement
Types of foundation
Selection of foundation
Underground construction and water proving basement tanking

Function of doors
Types of doors
Construction of doors
Material used and iron mongery

Function of windows
types of window opening
Construction of windows
Material used and iron mongery

Function of stairs
Types of stairs
Construction of stairs
Material used and finishes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Must all student register this course
A1 : Depending on the lecturer s instruction